The Walk 365 is a blog about my personal journey in my faith with God. I felt a calling years ago to really not only invest my time and my heart into growing my connection with Jesus but to really learn why they call the Word the Living Word of God.

I wanted to not only write a personal blog about my own faith, but wanted to create a community where we can join in the journey together. It is my hope that you and I do this reading together and share in our own personal reflections every day on how the word impacted us.

For years I have struggled with my faith and really finding the deep significant connection with Jesus. I personally am excited to take this Journey to really develop my relationship with God and i’m excited for you to find your relationship as well.

Even if you are not a christian and don’t even believe in God, this Journey is for you as well. I would challenge you to take 1 year and read with me and at the end of the year see where you end up.

Let the Journey Begin.